Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Koni Shocks

Toby's not here, but his new Koni shocks and springs just arrived. Very nice!

Now all we need to do is find the time for him to fit them. I had some tubes fitted to his old wheels so we can move the car about without having to blow the tyres up every time - I also sold my car, so now we have space in the garage at home and we'll bring the Spit round here as soon as possible - progress will actually occur then.


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Back to the Spitfire

Dad's moving the Spitfire round to home so we can actually do some work on it. Just fitted a new wheel bearing on one side then we can roll it round here soon.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

More cleaning up and some new bits

I used a wire brush thing in a drill to get all the rust off some more bits. There was lots of grease still inside the hub but dad says well put a new bearing in there anyway.

This bit is the vertical link and it has a trunnion on the end that is actually made of brass - it looks much better now

Some Superflex bushes, new bolts, new discs and the POR15 arrived today.

New discs look nicer than the old ones. so do the upper balljoints.

Some painting to do and then we can put this side back together and do the other one.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Taking it apart

We need to take the front end off and clean it all up and replace the rubbish bits with good ones. It's a bit rusty.

I stripped the drivers side upper and lower wishbones off and the wheel hub and brake. I've cleaned up the wishbones, but the shock and springs are knackered so I'll need new ones of those. Not sure about the brake and hub, they might be able to be reconditioned.

The wishbones look like this now

Getting the old metalastic bushes out was fun

Now I need to paint the old parts with POR15 to stop them going rusty and fit some new polybushes to help keep everything nice and tight so it's not all over the place.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Getting it home

My dad went to get the car from his mate Rob. Rob has given me the car as he wanted rid of it and thought it would be nice for me to fix up and use.

When we got it home I drove it off the trailer.

And now we've started to take it apart and clean it all up.

Welcome to by blog...

My name is Toby, I have a 1968 Triumph Spitfire that I'm restoring ready to drive as soon as I'm allowed to. I'm 13 now, so I've got plenty of time to do it all, but there's a lot to be done!