Saturday, 28 August 2010

Taking it apart

We need to take the front end off and clean it all up and replace the rubbish bits with good ones. It's a bit rusty.

I stripped the drivers side upper and lower wishbones off and the wheel hub and brake. I've cleaned up the wishbones, but the shock and springs are knackered so I'll need new ones of those. Not sure about the brake and hub, they might be able to be reconditioned.

The wishbones look like this now

Getting the old metalastic bushes out was fun

Now I need to paint the old parts with POR15 to stop them going rusty and fit some new polybushes to help keep everything nice and tight so it's not all over the place.


  1. Looks cool and it's a great idea. I wish my dad had done things like this with me when I was your age.
    Good luck and keep the blog entries coming, should be interesting.

  2. Ooh nice. I took a Herald to bits when I was about 14 - they're pretty similar under the surface. Unfortunately the backbone was completely rotten once I got the body off. I assume yours is in better condition... :)

  3. Ace project! First thing is to get cracking with learning how to weld as you ARE going to need to know how to do this and once you've mastered it you'll find that it's a massive help!

    Take a look at It's a really useful site for the beginner and the expert. Here are a few progress blogs to inspire you on your project:

    You've plenty of time on this so don't be put off. Wish I'd had the chance to start on something like this when I was younger ;)

  4. the chassis seems to be alright but the wheel arch and passengers and drivers floor are holey. the drivers sill need replacing too.

    i'd like to give welding a go it looks intersting and fun.

  5. Nice project - with minimal welding and lots of original panels left. Keep up the good work and don't forget to upload a lot of pictures!
    Can't be as bad as this:
    (one of my own projects)...
    Copenhagen, Denmark