Wednesday, 1 September 2010

More cleaning up and some new bits

I used a wire brush thing in a drill to get all the rust off some more bits. There was lots of grease still inside the hub but dad says well put a new bearing in there anyway.

This bit is the vertical link and it has a trunnion on the end that is actually made of brass - it looks much better now

Some Superflex bushes, new bolts, new discs and the POR15 arrived today.

New discs look nicer than the old ones. so do the upper balljoints.

Some painting to do and then we can put this side back together and do the other one.


  1. Great project - I also wish I had the chance to do this sort of thing when I was 13.

    As I'm sure you know/have been told, check the threads on the bottom of that vertical link carefully. If it is even slightly pitted at the top of the thread from the rust it will be seriously weakened and could snap suddenly while driving.

    I also have a blog at if you're interested.

  2. We've only taken the rh side apart so far and I have to say I was amazed at how good the condition of everything is under the surface rust. Toby's worked hard getting the parts cleaned up and the threads look to be in good shape to me. The trunnion was packed full of oily gook, so I reckon at least this side will be o.k.
    Thanks for the tip though.

    Tim (Toby's dad)

  3. You might want to have a play at using electrolysis to remove the rust from some of the steel parts. You can do it without electricity using off teh shelf chemicals such as Vinegar, but the addition of electricity speeds things up. It's really good for complex shapes which can be difficult to tackle with the drill or grinder mounted wire brushers or flap wheels:

    The other way is to get it media blasted either professionally or have a go at making your own unit:

    Good to see you making some progress!

  4. Good choice on the POR15 stuff. If you do the prep work before painting properly it's very good stuff!